About Sober Simplicity

Welcome Fellow Travellers…

Most likely you’ve on this site and page because you are dealing with alcohol or other substance problems on a personal level. If so, you’ve come to the right place - a place to help you reconsider your issues from the ground up.

Let me start with what may seem like a bombshell:

Alcohol and drugs are not your problem. They are only the symptoms. - outward manifestations of your real issue.

The heart of the issue is a broken connection to a power that can give you meaning and purpose, and that is what the site and community are here to help you address. By addressing these deficiencies, your substance issues will go away on their own.

Think of this site and community as a personal roadmap - a set of directions that can lead you to permanent sobriety and a life of hope and purpose.

That’s right, I said “hope” and “purpose.”

Right now, those words may sound like empty cliches.

But I can assure it is possible to feel hopeful and for your life to have meaning, mission and purpose.

That’s the aim of Sober Simplicity, plain and simple. This is what I desire for you and for everyone who’s been battered and beaten by dependence on alcohol and drugs.

Here’s a summary of the Sober Simplicity program:

  • Remove your desire to drink alcohol or use other mind-altering chemicals without a lifetime of "fighting the urge" to drink or use.
  • Dismantle the lies about alcohol you've been fed your entire life - by advertising, the media, well-intentioned loved ones and even the "recovery" industry.
  • Give you a specific framework for replacing the false "power" of chemicals with a working spiritual life that gives you peace.
  • A daily and disciplined plan for maintaining sobriety and expanding your spiritual growth - removing the desire to use mind-altering chemicals as you simply won’t feel the need for them any longer.

Like many, I used alcohol as a means of escape - from fear, insecurity, anxiety, boredom - all of the usual reasons people use alcohol or drugs.

If you're suffering from problem drinking or using, we're probably very similiar in this way.

Instead of living in the discomfort of the moment, we want the immediate relief chemicals provide.

It didn’t work for me. In fact, it was disastrous. And trust me, I tried to make it work for more than 30 years! So, nobody can say I didn’t give it my all.

If you’d like to learn more about my long journey with addiction, you can go here.

Keep in mind, however, it's the way out of alcohol dependence I wish to focus on.

My experience with alcohol got me here. BUT, it was my escape that led me to create this site and community. To share the good news and hope with you in an effective way out of the trap of chemical dependence.

My goals for this community

My aim for this site and community is really straightforward, as the name indicates. And I am certain that what worked for me can and will work for you.

It will help you permanently eliminate the desire to drink or to use mind-altering chemical - without so-called “willpower.”

Willpower is always focused on the reasons you shouldn’t drink or use.

You already know the reasons you shouldn’t drink! Those are the reasons you are reading this. Ruined relations, lost jobs, regret, a constant state of fear, health, finances, lost opportunities - every drinker or user can see these.

No, the question you should be asking is yourself is: What are the reasons I DO drink or use drugs, not why I shouldn’t. We will get to the heart of these issues. And by doing so, you’ll clearly see that alcohol and drugs have nothing at all to offer you.

The other purpose of Sober Simplicity is this: Beyond removing the physical desire, your gut-level reaction to drink or use, it will give you a REAL SOLUTION to satisfy the empty space inside you’ve been trying desperately to fill with booze or drugs.

With what, you might be asking? With a living connection with your creator. And this is most likely what you were looking for in a bottle or pill. You were seeking universal connection and all you got was separation, lonliness and deep-seated FEAR.

I believe each of us has an in-born yearning to live for and connect with something greater than ourselves - to our creator.

This program is a way to help you do just this day by day.

So why are YOU here?

I’m almost certain you are here because you are dealing on some level with alcohol or other drugs. Or more accurately, the consequences of using alcohol and/or drugs. Otherwise, well, you wouldn’t be here. You’d be watching YouTube videos on gardening tips, learning to play the ukulele or some other aspect of self-improvement.

But you ARE here. Why?

Maybe you are only beginning to see that alcohol and other substances have “stopped working for you” like they once did. They don’t relieve the fear or insecurities like before.

Or worse, you suspect they may be the source of these problems.

This is perhaps the loneliest feeling in the world - the moment you realize that your solution isn’t working for you anymore. When you first started drinking or using, your drug of choice helped remove the fear you felt eating at you. And now - perhaps - you know that drinking are actually creating the fear in you!

Or maybe you are further along in the destructive relationship with alcohol, and the consequences are piling up on you. Lost jobs, relationships, health, finances, a safe place to live - alcohol and drug abuse come with a steep price tag. Maybe you already know this.

What you may not know is this: The consequences you are suffering are not the problem itself. They are the mere shadows of the real problem.

And that, my friend, is what we are here to address.

The Elements of Sober Simplicity

The Sober Simplicity program is, well, simple. As I mentioned, it has two key objectives:

  • To help you shatter the illusions around your drinking and using. Mainly the false idea that drugs or alcohol provide some benefit to you. They do not. By their nature, they cannot. And once you begin to see them for what they are, they’ll begin to lose their grip on you.
  • To give you way of connecting with a vastly more powerful spiritual solution that will begin to shape your life and provide you the direction and meaning you seek.

When you join Sober Simplicity, you’ll have instant access to these resources:

  • The online course - Sobriety and Beyond
  • Sober Simplicity Community - share your experience, challenges and changes with people on their own journeys beyond alcohol and drugs.
  • Exclusive.....

The program is simple. But please understand that it will require these three things: Honesty, Willingness and Openness.

If you are open to it, you will begin to understand your reliance on drink are drug are based on false ideas. You are giving the chemicals credit for something they don’t deserve.

And If you open to it, God can and will reveal to you a greater purpose for living. It is my prayer right now that he will do this for you.

Ready to get started? Go here to get the free PDF on how to transform your life.

A few side thoughts and notes

Alcohol and drug addiction create almost incomprehensible destruction on the societal level. Around the world, the World Health Forum estimates there are 380 million “alcoholics” and 38 million “problem drug users.”

On the personal level - on your level- the damage is tragic. Not only for the suffering addict but for all the innocent others caught up in the whirlwind of addiction. Families, spouses, innocent children - the list goes on ad infinitum.

Perhaps the biggest tragedy is all the wasted time and lives, our only true earthly resources.

However, if you are willing and open, you can start to build a satisfying life for yourself and your loved ones today without drugs and alcohol to hinder you.

There are many of us on the journey, and we’ll be there to support you and share with you as you begin this unbelievable new chapter of your life.

Come join us.

Get Free. Get The Mini-Course now!

You don't have to live with problem alcohol use. Take action and take your life back.



Sober Simplicity is a pathway to permanent sobriety and a life of purpose and freedom.